Let’s talk about what you want to say – I’ll write the words and story for you. After all, why should you fight it, when I can write it?

I’m a born storyteller and writer. With a near photographic memory and ability to memorize what I hear, I’ve always been curious. You’ll find it easy to work with me because I “get it.” I know you’re in a hurry. Maybe you don’t have the time or the staff to write material for you website or social media outlets. I can help you with clear, compelling content: articles, messages, scripts, press releases, fact sheets, newsletters, speaking points, case studies, briefing papers and more.

My entire career has been devoted to creating content for various media channels. I get up to speed quickly when we start work together.  I have the ability to translate complex and jargon and technical terms into easy to understand language that everyone can grasp and to “find the hook” to increase your organization’s reach and coverage.

My experience creating factual, marketing and promotion copy for traditional and green energy, renewable and “LEED” certified building fields, scientific, engineering, environmental and natural resource areas, fintech, legal, healthcare and in other business and nonprofit areas gives me the head start to help your company thrive. 

Let’s talk about what you need. Call me at 561-214-2779